Friday, 14 April 2017

History of Hair Straightener

hair straightener repair
Hair straightener is a hair styling used worldwide since the 1890s this process includes flattering & straightening of hair in order to deliver smooth, straight, sleek appearance. The process of hair straightening was very popular among the black people of all races. & this process is accomplished using hot comb chemical relaxers. Moreover, shampoo, conditioners and hair gels also help for straight hair appearance.

The process of hair straightening is also known as “rebonding” in plethora of countries of Southeast Asia for instance (Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines). 

Rebonding is the word introduced by REDS hairdressing in Singapore in the late 1980s and later spread over the globe. Nowadays, men as well as women use hair straightener to change the look of any type of hairs however, using hair dryer or straighteners can extremely cause damage to hairs. Although, using heat protectant sprays reduce the probability of damaging to hairs.

Non-Chemical Treatment for Hair Straightening 

Since, the hair straighteners are introduced hair iron & hot combs are used from time to time in change the appearance of hair. However, several environmental changes, hair washing, rain, humidity and dust emphatically reverse the whole process. Therefore, every home surely includes one or more hair straightener as well as several hair straightener repairs shop is also there. 

Chemical Treatment for hair Straightener Repair

Relaxers at the men and women beauty parlor offer permanent look for the structure of hairs and also new growth to hair is not also effected.

Use of Hair Straightener has increased rapidly simultaneously, technicians those who can repair such electronic devices are also available in market for hair straightener repairs.

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